I often worry about the gluten free diet becoming what the news already claims it is: a fad diet.
And it's not that I don't think a lot of people would actually benefit from this diet. I just don't want it to hurt those of us with severe allergies. 

I realize that if more people were buying gluten free foods a lot of the products would become more readily accessible and inexpensive. I think that's awesome and something that the gluten free community really deserves. 

But what I worry about is people who are simply trying to avoid gluten for weight loss reasons or other health issues hurting the integrity of a 100% gluten free diet. 

I read a similar scenario in an article or blog but now I cannot remember the source!*
Think of it this way: A person out to eat with a group of friends who is trying to avoid gluten orders her entree off the gluten free menu. Well, as all of her friends start to eat the delicious rolls sitting on the table she decides it wouldn't hurt to have just one roll. She's out to eat and having a good time with friends, she can splurge a little, right?  She then enjoys her gluten free entree. But when dessert time comes around she simply can't imagine ordering a gluten free dessert. So she orders off the regular menu.

Now imagine the next person to order off the gluten free menu has a severe allergy to gluten. How do you think the restaurants staff will handle issues of cross contamination after seeing the previous diner enjoying gluten filled rolls and cake when they originally claimed to be "gluten free"? Most likely, they will not take these issues as seriously. And that's what scares me.

I think there are many sides to this argument and I'm not 100% sure on where I stand, knowing that so many people would benefit from this diet.

Let me know what you think!

*If you know the source please leave a comment! 

08/06/2011 12:27am

I never even thought about that Janelle. I hope that the restaurants can see through the people chasing after another fad diet, and still provide truly gluten free products for those with Celiac.

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