Before I started this blog, I had so much to say.
So much to say about eating gluten free, celiac disease and life. Of course, now that I have a place to get all my thoughts down, I seem to be fresh out of ideas - and it is so frustrating!

I've made less than 10 posts, how can I already be out of things to say?! 
I think I'm too worried about being interesting and/or exciting with my posts.
No more!

So I apologize if every post isn't what you were hoping for or isn't terribly interesting.
But I hope you'll continue to read and leave comments!! :)

Lately I've just been working and getting ready for classes to start in September.

I have two jobs.
One at a restaurant, the other at the clubhouse in my neighborhood.

Today, I'm working at the clubhouse.
Thus, I've done a lot of this, out of pure boredom: 
Ahhhh I'm stuck here for 11 hours.
And, even a little of this:
Maybe if I turn off the lights and crawl under the desk I can sneak in a quick nap!
And here's what I stare at all day, if you were wondering: 
Tabs open: 
Crate & Barrel - I love drooling over everything on that site
Weebly - the best blog hosting site!!
Pandora - Mumford & Sons radio, of course
Gluten Hates Me but I'm surviving - a great blog that you should check out!
Facebook - for when I'm super bored (be sure to like the blogs page!)

And of course, Twitter is always open on my desktop.
Oh and occasionally I do a little work ;)

I also had a pretty awesome lunch today from Chipotle. I tried their salad for the first time and I am in love! The dressing is delicious (and gluten free, of course). I got black beans, chicken, corn, tomato and cheese. What do you order at Chipotle?

Please leave comments! I love comments! :)
Happy Thursday