As the cliche goes, it's the little things that make living worthwhile.

I'd say that's especially true for those of us with severe food allergies. 

Discovering a substitute product or recipe for an otherwise off limits food is such a great feeling.
That's why on vacation I was so happy to discover S'moreables from Kinnikinnick.
We'd have bonfires at night in my uncles backyard. We'd roast marshmallows and talk. But I was dying for a smore!
Luckily, I found S'moreables, a gluten free graham cracker, at Meijer!

These were so good that when I got back home, I wasn't ready to give up my nightly smore.
So I made them in my oven!
Messy & worth it!
Excuse the awful quality of my camera phone. (I use an EnV2, I know, it may as well have a cord. But I make up for it with my macbook pro and ipad!)

While I could not burn my marshmallows how I like, these smores were delicious and definitely satisfied my craving! Just make sure the chocolate and marshmallows you're using are gluten free as well! Also, I realize that this isn't an earth shattering or even original recipe, but I thought a lot of you would enjoy it! 
(Confession: I mostly just followed the directions on the back of the box!)

All I did was:
1. Put some foil down on a cookie sheet and preheat oven to 350.
2. Place cookies down on sheet. Technically you are to break them apart but these cookies are pretty small so I just used two whole cookies to make one smore. 
3. Add as many marshmallows and chocolate pieces as your heart desires. (Leave them open face)
4. Heat in oven for about 3 minutes. Mine were pretty soft so watch them closely, they heat up fast!
5. Remove from oven and use a knife or spatula to put one cookie on top of the other.
6. Prepare to get messy and...
7. Enjoy your wonderful gluten free smore!!

I'm dying to know, what's been your favorite gluten free discovery of an otherwise off-limits food?!

Many more posts to come this week!
Hope you're all enjoying your Thursday.


Happy Thursday!

It's a really gorgeous day today in Grove City.
(I looooove when the temps are in the low 70's)

And while I'm currently at work, in a few short hours I will be...
For one of my favorite places.... 
Traverse City, Michigan!

Yaaaay. :)

We will be staying with my uncle and going to all kinds of fun places like Torch Lake and Petosky.
But the best part...
I will hardly have to worry about what I'm going to eat!

We eat a lot of meals at my uncle's and he is awesome about my gluten free diet!
Last year he had gluten free cookies waiting for me when I got there. What a guy!

I can't wait to play with his pups, either!

Buddy :)
But... back to food. :)

I know for people with gluten intolerances traveling seems a bit scary and overwhelming. 

Especially when you're in a car for eight hours trying to live off gas station snacks. 

You do not want to get stuck in that situation so here are some easy-to-pack snack suggestions for the road!

Homemade almond butter and bananas/apples
I know, you're thinking, homemade?! That doesn't sound easy at all! But it really is. Grab a bag of almonds, throw 'em into a food processor and watch them turn into creamy almond butter all on their own. It really is that easy and it's so delicious. Pack a few bananas and a jar of this and I'll promise you'll be satisfied!
Trail Mix -
Another favorite of mine, especially when I want something sweet. You can make your own with almonds, dark chocolate, cranberries and coconut or you can simply buy a packaged bag! A really great snack that will keep you full and satisfied (just be sure to read labels very carefully as many of these products may contain trace amounts of gluten).

Dried fruit, Larabars or fresh fruit/veggies - 
It's scary how much I love Larabars. Soooo many choices that are ALL gluten free and absolutely wonderful.  My favorites are chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter cookie. Pack a few of these along with some either dried or fresh fruit and you'll be good to go!
And if you must stop for food I recommend Wendys. They have some of the best offerings in the way of gluten free so if you must stop for a fast food type meal I highly recommend it. I always get a chili and baked potato or a BLT cobb salad. Check out their gluten free menu here.

In less than 24 hours I will be on the road to Michigan enjoying these very same gluten free snacks. :)

I'll see you all in a few weeks.