It's pretty rare for a person on the gluten free diet to randomly go out to eat.
It usually involves (at least) a quick visit to the restaurants website to glance through the menu and maybe even a phone call to get some more questions answered. 
But not today.

Today, Joey and I just went to Zpizza.
(Admittedly, though, I heard great things from the awesome Gluten Free Gang of Columbus)
And I think I may have a new favorite pizza place.
Mind you, I say that almost every time I get pizza from somewhere new.
BUT this time was different.
First off, they have Coke. In glass bottles. Heavenly.
That's my Joey, drinkin' a coooke.
I couldn't even wait 5 seconds to take a picture before having a bite. This is the ZBQ.
My awesome boyfriend also ordered gluten free so we could share. This is the Tuscan!
BBQ sauce, mozzarella, bbq chicken, roasted peppers, red onions, fresh rounds of tomatoes, cilantro, sweet corn.
This pizza was heavenly.

Their gluten free crust comes in a small (10') and it is more than enough.
They use fresh toppings and their sauce, among other items, is organic.

Two pizzas and two Cokes was around $30.

Pizza is one of those foods that I didn't know I loved so much until I couldn't eat it anymore. 
I'm so happy that the Columbus area has an awesome selection of gf pizza!

What was your best gluten free moment this weekend?!

Before I started this blog, I had so much to say.
So much to say about eating gluten free, celiac disease and life. Of course, now that I have a place to get all my thoughts down, I seem to be fresh out of ideas - and it is so frustrating!

I've made less than 10 posts, how can I already be out of things to say?! 
I think I'm too worried about being interesting and/or exciting with my posts.
No more!

So I apologize if every post isn't what you were hoping for or isn't terribly interesting.
But I hope you'll continue to read and leave comments!! :)

Lately I've just been working and getting ready for classes to start in September.

I have two jobs.
One at a restaurant, the other at the clubhouse in my neighborhood.

Today, I'm working at the clubhouse.
Thus, I've done a lot of this, out of pure boredom: 
Ahhhh I'm stuck here for 11 hours.
And, even a little of this:
Maybe if I turn off the lights and crawl under the desk I can sneak in a quick nap!
And here's what I stare at all day, if you were wondering: 
Tabs open: 
Crate & Barrel - I love drooling over everything on that site
Weebly - the best blog hosting site!!
Pandora - Mumford & Sons radio, of course
Gluten Hates Me but I'm surviving - a great blog that you should check out!
Facebook - for when I'm super bored (be sure to like the blogs page!)

And of course, Twitter is always open on my desktop.
Oh and occasionally I do a little work ;)

I also had a pretty awesome lunch today from Chipotle. I tried their salad for the first time and I am in love! The dressing is delicious (and gluten free, of course). I got black beans, chicken, corn, tomato and cheese. What do you order at Chipotle?

Please leave comments! I love comments! :)
Happy Thursday