Hi hi hi. :)

So, in an attempt to stop myself from falling asleep at my desk I'm giving you another blog post. 

After yesterdays post I had people asking me exactly what gluten and Celiac Disease are. I thought I'd let my fellow Celiac friend Kevin Niemann explain that to you!

Kevin is awesome! He started his own website for all things "g-free" and also his own internet show which is now featured on ifood.tv. You definitely need to check out his webpage and follow him on Twitter. :)

The video I'm posting here is awesome because it gives an overview of Celiac Disease and it makes me laugh. I know when I first tell someone about my diet the questions always go: 
"So you can't have bread?" 
"Wait! That means you can't have pasta!" 
"You can't have donuts! Pizza! Oh my gosh you can't have cake!"
And you just feel like shouting, "I KNOW, I LIVE WITH IT!"
But instead you say nothing or laugh and say "Right" really knowing that you can enjoy all of those things - just without gluten! 
(Sometimes it's just too much to explain or you don't feel like it.)